Located at The Overhang, Artists Residency of Kigamboni (ARK) is an artist development program dedicated to supporting the development of the Tanzanian art industry.

Artists Residency of Kigamboni

The Overhang provides local and international artists with space and materials to push their creative career and new ideas in their practice.

Artists will reside and work in the ARK Room and Studio that offers unrivalled panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. This opportunity will allow the artists to add their mark on the space and are encouraged to create work that responds to the environment or experiment with materials found on the property.

Past Events & Open Studio Gallery

ARK in the Community

ARK in the Community is a workshop and outreach program that takes art beyond the gallery walls and out into the community. The program seeks to positively engage, inspire and develop highly underserved local communities through art-based workshops, interactive public art projects and commissions.

ARK aims to achieve social and economic progress by bringing together artists, youth and their communities and providing them with support and guidance to explore creative passions, ultimately building strong relationships that will positively impact their lives.

Escape to the coast and take a breath of refreshing ocean air while gazing out of the window at the ARK Guest room. This 1 bedroom/ 1 Bathroom cabin has a beautiful view of the ocean and is decorated in calming colours for your romantic getaway.