We hope to take our guests on a journey to discover fresh local produce and seafood from Tanzania.

Anderson Bar & Restaurant

A sundowner awaits you at the Anderson Bar, set atop a cliff against a beautiful backdrop of the North Bay near the cabins.

Gather around for a BBQ or simply sip on a cocktail before dinner – the space is yours to enjoy.

All Day Menu

The Open Air Harvest Table

A private dining experience in a secret location where you can relax in the shade for the afternoon or under the stars.  The meal is served as communal family-style dining. Nothing is rushed here and it’s al fresco dining at its best.

Ethically Sourced Produce / Support Local

Our fresh produce is sourced from various nearby locations and served directly to table. For items that we are unable to procure locally, we partner with companies who practice ethical farming. Through our cooperation with locals, The Overhang helps reduce the dependency on imported produce while promoting organic farming.

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